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re: hammie issues

Posted By: Toby Smith
Date: Thursday, 24 September 2009, at 12:27 p.m.


I've been having some issues on the bike on my left side for the last couple of months. When riding, my left leg begins to tire very early (feels like the hamstring is giving out) and I am forced to stand on the pedals to stretch out the leg and move the work to my quads. I have never had this issue before. It started about the time I injured my right calf when running this July. At that same time I got a new pair of bike shoes, added insoles and began some heavy leg weights in the gym. I'm sure all are contributing factors, but I'm trying to figure out what i need to do to get back to steady riding without this issue.

It seems the adductor on that left side reamins very tight and is possibly pulling that leg slightly out of alignment, so my hamstring ends up doing a lot of the work rather than my glutes. I have seen my ART guy several times and he has worked the Adductors on both sides, both were very tight.

During the 112 mile ride at Redman last weekend, i was forced to stand up about every 4-5 minutes. It loosened up more about mile 90 of the bike and i could finally start to apply more power, but even then, the hammie was definately my limiter.

When my left adductor is loosened up, my pedal stroke seems better and i able able to generate significanly more power. But, it continues to tighten on me despite a lot of rolling, stretching and ART sessions. I don't want to give up the stength training because i have made some very good gains and i enjoy the gym time.

I have also played with the cleat position on my shoes. Turning the cleat slightly to allow my left heel to kick out a bit seems to help some, but i think that is more of a band-aid than a fix.

Any ideas. Thanks.

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