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Travel and staying grounded

Posted By: KP
Date: Friday, 11 May 2007, at 7:59 a.m.

In a post below, gordo mentioned eating fruit at a meeting we had last Monday. With a little effort and planning we can maintain superior nutrition when on the road. He walked into a morning the meeting and put two large bags in the middle of a table. In them were bananas, apples, nuts, etc. When I travel on business, vacation, to seminars or races, there is greater opportunity for my normal lifestyle choices to fall by the wayside. The result can be fatigue, weight gain and added stress. It's eye opening to be reminded that much of the population is sustained by foodstuffs from the three groups; grease, sugar and white flour.

Before I travel I think ahead. I purchase food for my flights: fruit, dried fish, nuts and water. BumbleBee has great sealed packages of chicken breast, albacore, salmon and others. When possible, my accomodations have a kitchen and I prepare my own food. Let's say I travel 30hrs door to door to Taupo for IMNZ. I land, I rent a car, get my condo and go shopping, in that order. I work to stay grounded, adapt to local time and go with the flow when it results in reducing stress.

I seek to develop awareness of my body, it's need for food, the need for movement, while I am taking in my new environment. These are important initial steps to becoming settled when away from home. A close friend, Caren Raisin, is a registered nurse and Ashtanga Yoga instructor. She directs lifestyle programs for Dr. Dean Ornish's Preventative Medicine Research Institute in Sausilito, California. Caren suggests that when getting out of your normal routine and environment your emotional needs can dictate a comfort food fill-up when you are not even hungry. "The first thing I do when I get where I'm going is kick off my shoes and feel the floor. I take a couple minutes to stand in Tadasana (Mountain Pose). Breath is the core of our practice and it's what we need to always begin with."

Get grounded. Food choices go a long way to creating the grounding effect. Keep life as regular as you can. Cook for yourself. It is empowering to know the source of your food and to add the personal touches into it. Cooking is also an action of goodwill to others. Some of my warmest memories of travel to IM's are meals that were cooked and served to me before IM Canada and IM New Zealand by Gordo and Monica.

coach KP

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