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Baghdad BDT Round 2

Posted By: Craig
Date: Sunday, 3 June 2007, at 11:17 a.m.

Sunday eve here in Baghdad. Have been checking in on the Honu posts and have to admit the thought of being in Hawaii right now sounds so nice. All is good here though. A successful BDT session after applying some lessons learned from last week.

I started by grabbing an extra breakfast Sat--about 2300 cal of eggs, pancakes, and oatmeal. Stashed it in my mini fridge here in the trailer and set the alarm for 2 am. After I got that down, back to sleep for a couple hours. Was in the pool by 6. Water temp around 90 as usual. 6 Thermolytes, about a liter of water, some sips on a bottle of Perpetuem, and off I went.

This time I decided to stop briefly at the halfway point and hydrate more. Came out of the water after 3400m--right around 1 hr (including the short break). Smooth and steady.

Off to the trailer for 5 hrs on the bike. About 2600 cals of Perpetuem on hand, 8 liters of water, a couple V-8 juices, and a bottle of Thermolyte. I immediately could tell the difference with my fueling, and was able to add in more Steady intervals. Temps in the trailer started out around 80 F and rose steadily to 100 F by 1 pm. Covered 112 miles.

Not the strongest ride, but not 5 hrs of survival either. Stayed well hydrated, and took 5 Thermolytes every hour. The hives on the legs appeared as usual--right around the 4 hr mark. Still very prominent this evening--I send KP some pics a couple weeks ago. A bit unsightly, with some minor burning and eventually itching, but then they disappear after about 48 hrs. Only on my legs--wierd.

After the bike, I did a short 2 loops around the compound--about 3 miles.

My trip to the chow hall afterwards reaffirmed my fueling success--I did not feel ravished like last week and had a much more sensible meal, treating myself to a real Coke even.

Total time was just over 6.5 hrs. A success indeed.

This week the workouts start to wind down. I'll continue to keep close tabs on the nutrition as I cut volume and watch for the clear signals of fatigue (caffeine and sugar cravings). Rest is the only cure for this.

There you have it--off to get some rest. Hope everyone's race at Honu went well.


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