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MAP changes realive to background

Posted By: LODD
Date: Tuesday, 26 June 2007, at 11:40 a.m.

FYI I'm a long distance triatlete who took a break from running from september 2006 until last may. During this time I did mainly cycling training and racing (and yes experienced a new level of pain) and kept swimming 2x/week (at most).

In may the tri bug got me again and I resumed the tri training. After reading Gordo's blog about Mark Allen's approach I decided to take a shot.

As far as running background I've always been a terrible runner (this is one of the reasons I took a break from tri) and as soon as I resumed running my MAP was 6'15"/km and during that period of a little over than a month It came down to 5'15" ~ 5'20". Ok it was a big improove for a month but not that big if you consider the time off - everytime that I resume training after a big break I see big improovements in a short time gap.

But... as far as cycling goes My last roadie race was a gruelling 120' race where I managed 350+w for 75' of it while chasing the lead pack after a crash. At that point (early may) my FT was estimated arround 360-370w.

My first MAP test on the bike gave me a low 220w :-(

Today I just performed another and it is up to 290w and I must admit that during this time I exceeded the HR cap more than Mark Allen would like (accordind to his writings).

So this HUGE improovement on the bike made me think if the background of "hammer all the time" have some impact when you turn to an "aerobic" approach - Mark Allen also came from a high intensity backgroun according to his wrintings. Leading me to think what would happen if I decided to go for a track'n field kind of training for a while and then shift the focuns for Long Distance racing again.

BTW: I have not tested my FT yet but I believe it hasn't improoved. To be honest I think It came down a little (who knows)

Any thoughts?

from Brazil (and please, excuse my english)

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