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It happened, I kind of knew it would Ö

Posted By: Ed Alyanak
Date: Sunday, 1 July 2007, at 12:36 p.m.

A few days ago I said to my wife, ďAnn Iím thinking of doing another Ironman next July.Ē To my surprise she said, ďIt is a great time in our life to do it! Iíll be training for the Marathon and it is before we plan on starting a family.Ē I couldnít believe it.

Last year I had a phone consult with KP about training for Kona. Going into it I was excited about talking about training. What I got was a simple message. Focus on being healthy number one. I have read that every month since then.

Kona, has come and gone and my once broken body is again 100% healthy. My overall life style has changed dramatically and my addiction to massive training volume is gone. Passing the message on to those I coach has also let me see the best results I have ever seen. Put another way, that phone call changed my life.

Today I did the longest run since last October of 16k. I have now completed my reading of Gordoís blog. All of it, with the archives. Ok, so not all of my obsessive personality is gone :) Even with this new goal my focus for the season wonít change; health, friends and enjoyment with the sport. I need to finish out my year of mental recovery after many years of trashing myself. A deep physical and mental recovery period seems appropriate. Being that I feel like a newbe to triathlon again, and have fallen in love with it, makes me think Iím on the right track.

Donít know why Iím posting this to you guys. I have talked with a friend, Mark Lemmon about missing Gordoís board a few times. I know I just read about getting off the internet but that place (gordoís board) was full of good advice. It seems there are many friendly faces with KP. Canít say Iím surprised. I hope to join the club.

Thanks for everything KP,

Ed Alyanak

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