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AeT/AeT+10 Test

Posted By: Lakerfan
Date: Monday, 2 July 2007, at 2:34 p.m.

Mon through Thurs were rest/easy days for me. I did a AeT/AeT+10 test on Wed to see the results:

Warmup - 15min
2 miles @ AeT -- AHR = 137bpm; Time = 15:08
2 miles @ AeT+10 -- AHR = 148bpm; Time = 14:02
15min AeT/easy

These are HR levels that I typically see when I'm still carrying around some fatigue so I waited a couple of days and did the test again:

Warmup - 15min
2 miles @ AeT -- AHR = 153bpm; Time = 15:18
2 miles @ AeT+10 -- AHR = 162bpm; Time = 14:00
5min AeT/easy

I found myself slowing down a bit on Friday's test because I was attempting to keep my HR in the low 150s. The whole first deepening of breath sensation is just not something I really experience. RPE for my AeT pace was below my long run pace. One other big difference was that I did a 1:05 continuous swim in the lake with Tondo about 1hr before Friday's test.

Interesting how 2 days more of easy workouts makes a difference (and probably the swim too). Friday's HRs are much more representative of my racing HRs. I do the IM run in the low 150s and the HIM run in the low to mid 160s. Although, I've done one HIM run (Honu '06) with an AHR as high as 169bpm.

Just thought I'd share given last week's threads...

Thanks, Chris

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