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IMWI Helix Data + Swim data

Posted By: blakeb
Date: Thursday, 19 July 2007, at 4:24 p.m.

OK, so I experimented with the Helix today. Keep in mind that there are 500+ spectator lining the thing, so it is VERY VERY hard to use arousal control in that situation.

Anyway, after 65min of moderate swimming:

I first timed the ascent jogging steadily. Took about 1:05 and HR got to 160 at the top.

I then walked the Helix. It took 2:50 at a brisk pace.

Also, make sure to take the outter edge of the ramp up. It is significantly less steep. You see the guys in the tour riding like this up the mountains. You can do the same thing riding up the other Helix when you are coming in from the ride.

Hope this helps.


Swim today. I didn't have an exact distance measured out, but I wasnted to see what HR would do when I varried my breathing pattern and kept the same PE.

BL-3 I saw a HR of 133
2-Left, 2-Right HR 146
2-Left, 1-Right HR 148
2 Stroke Breathing HR 155

I felt like I was the same effort during all of these 'tests.' Regardless of speed, you (and I) can see how deceptive effort can be. BL-3 acts as a governer(sp?) on how hard how are able to go.

The PE on this session was maybe around a 6. Just imagine what happens to HR if you 'pick it up' or go hard to try to bridge a gap and are breathing every 2 strokes.


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