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Chris McDonald Praise x 2

Posted By: garyd
Date: Tuesday, 28 August 2007, at 4:28 p.m.

Two times today I've been in a coversation where the person has mentioned what a great and humble person Chris was and wanted to share it. If I remember right he has hopped on this board at least once.

#1 - A friend, triathlete and biz partner of mine was the coordinator for transitions at IM Lou this weekend. She said that she was working in the trans area (post race I believe) and talking to "a pro", but she wasn't sure who he was (which she admits is funny now). Anyway she was talking about how nice he was and how he didn't seem "too good" b/c he was a pro, possibly setting himself apart in this manner. She remembered his number and looked it up and saw it was Chris. She said he never mentioned he won the race (and why I assumed this was post race).

#2 - My wife was a voluneer coordinator at the finish line. She too said similar things about him and his humbleness. Not necessarily when he crossed the finish line (likely there too?) but when he returned to the finish line later and asked her for some help finding someone. She said he was as polite as any racer that day.

I helped coordinate some voluneers too at the finish line but only got an opportunity to say congrats and shake his hand (I got to haul some ice and gatorade!).

I did have an opportunity to catch a shot of him hanging out (behind the volunteers) at the finsih line (same time my wife met him). IM Lou Pix are here: IM Lou Pix

Anyway - I thought that it should be mentioned in addition to his great race. I heard on sports radio the other day that there are no "heros" for kids to look up to in any sports arena anymore.... there are just looking in the wrong places.

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