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Hate It, or Love It / Resuming Training (swim pic)

Posted By: KP
Date: Wednesday, 29 August 2007, at 10:49 p.m.

This has been one of the great summers in recent years. "What? "How can you say that? You’ve been laid up with your mangled foot." True, I didn't do any aerobic training for 12 weeks after I had surgery to rebuild my left foot. Then, I had metal hanging out of that stump for weeks on end. I still can't run for another month. However, it's like this; what option did I have? I was tired, injured and damn sure ready to get well.

Early in 2007, Jennifer Nottage and I discussed family, sport, planned time off from training and happiness. My e-mail said something like this: “In my view, most of us can continue to strengthen our level of happiness. I might think of my happiness as a table. The stoutest table will have four sturdy legs. Lets name them 1) physical health 2) business/financial 3) mental, emotional and spiritual development 4) love. If any one of the legs of a table suffers from a lack of structural integrity the entire table is compromised. And so it is in life.” A break doesn't have to be a break. I went back to school this summer. Reading, seminars, listening, watching, working. The only thing that didn't get better was my fitness. In the long run (years) I may end up ahead in that department as well. You could say I spent the summer stabilizing things.

Below Jennifer asked:

<< KP...........when are you going to be able to resume your training and fitness. >>

Like I said, I went 12 weeks with zero aerobic training. However, 48hrs after my surgery I hit the gym for some traditional strength training. My gym partner was a monkey. Whatever I did, she did; and she was my daughter Kelly; home for the summer from university. So it was a carefully laid out plan to avoid tendonitis and injury; heavy on education. We used an anatomical adaptation phase (light weight, lots of reps, never to failure). We separated body parts by days -- something like this:

Monday - Upper Body (1) chest (flat back bench, declines, incline bench, dumbell flys (2) shoulders (lateral dumbell raises, anterior raises, military press (3) back (front lat pull downs, rear lat pull downs, seated row, bent over row, pull ups) (4) biceps (preacher curls, concentration curls, straight bar curls (5) triceps – (triceps push ups, single arm dumbbells, nose breakers, flat back overheads.

Tuesday – Lower Body -- squats (free weight), seated leg press, hack squats, body weight squats on upside down bosu ball, leg extensions, hamstring curls, seated bent leg calf raisers, standing straight leg calf raisers.

Wednesday – Core – 45min core routine

Thursday – Day Off

Friday -- Upper Body

We had a ball together and she kept my spirits high. I talked to her today from school.
She called to assure me the program continues, as it does here in the big SD, Southtown!

<< What will be your approach after healing from your foot surgery?>>

I started swimming last week. Each swim was the same: 10x250 as 200 free // 25 back or fly, 25 breast. More back than fly. All easy and all technique oriented. No heavy breathing and very easy push offs to protect my foot. My focus is simple, have fun, get tan and use perfect technique. Not adding fitness (it just happens), no clock, all alone. Just me the pool and the sun. If you could see my face in the picture below you would see a smile. Keeping it relaxed.

This week I have started spinning the bike. Same thing; alone, cruiser type rides that anyone could manage. I ride from my house two miles to Lake Mir Mar. There I do a couple five mile flat laps with in-line skaters, baby carriages and grandma and grandpas taking walks, before I return home. That takes 45min. I started Yoga this week. That’s a lot of stuff. I have to be careful; temper my enthusiasm, stay whole. Right now, 4hrs, 6hrs, 8hrs, 10hrs a week. Nothing strucutred. Always less than I can do.

<< I remember reading an article by Gordo about how well people return to peak fitness after extended rest periods. There is so much to read on your forum; and it is all exciting especially as racing season is in its heyday right now; but I miss reading about your workouts!! >>

**** The key to return peak fitness is living in reality. I ignore my memory. Each time my mind goes there I smile and move on to the present. I accept my current station. Jim Eliot expressed it this way: “Wherever you are, be all there.” Don’t be physically present but mentally somewhere else thinking of the future or the past, thinking of someplace else. I have no immediate time table. Just being smart.

You and me bay-bee; we’ll be back; they can’t kill the Rooster! I'll see you in Kona in October. I am coaching some of the crew who will be racing there, attending the medical conference the week before, will attend an ART seminar there that covers long tract nerve impingements -- and if it's all good, I'll sneak in some training too.


coach KP

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