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Tue Swim -- 4000m // *Monica special

Posted By: KP
Date: Tuesday, 11 September 2007, at 12:36 p.m.

Monica provided me with a great swim last night. I didn't ask what to expect from the swim but had a gut level feeling there was a lesson in there. A great session (swim, bike or run) does more than add fitness; it also makes an athlete think. It brings home a message, or two, or three. Perhaps the message is pacing. Some of the bike and run sessions I write can set the unsuspecting athlete up for failure if they are too eager. Maybe a workout paints a clear picture of what is needed in technique, or a weakness in certain body parts. You could call it "The Workout within The Workout". I love these sessions. For those of you who have done the Half IM race simulation brick that I first got from gordo, you know what I mean. Start too fast and you die off the bike during the second run.

This swim is perfect in length for what I was doing. As well, there are technique reminders. Fortunately, pacing wasn't a problem. I am swimming relaxed and got in 20k B/L3 last week without issue. However, one should have sound shoulders to do this swim. I was ready to get out ;)

2 x 500 continuous as (100fr, 50str, 100free, 50str, 100fr, 50str, 50fr)

1000 straight free w/paddles

5 x 200 with band/buoy on 15sec rest

2 x 500 as (150 fr, 50 str, 150fr, 50str, 100fr)

After the 1k with paddles: I really had to focus on grabbing hard water. I wanted my catch to move as much water as possible. Rotation allowed me to dig deep, increasing the amount of water I grabbed. Without the paddle, I was acutely aware of catching water and moving it all the way back to the hip. No shortening of the stroke. The band and buoy removed any kick. Take away the paddles at the same time you take away your kick and you better be grabbing some hard water! With the ankles shackled there was no chance for the old scissor kick to materialize.


coach KP

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