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Success = Patience + Hard Work (over time)

Posted By: KP
Date: Sunday, 30 September 2007, at 10:55 a.m.

Success = Patience + Hard Work (over time)

GOAL -- something you can attain that year

DREAM -- something you aspire to do over several years time

The Hallmark of a season well planned // a career well planned ==> Patience + Hard Work.

One of the things I love about coaching is guiding folks toward goals and dreams. That is my passion. I enjoy a client's first ever IM finish (Marc, a Belgian in Slovakia / Denise of Hawaii / Mickeyboy of Scotland and others) or a first HIM finish (Maureen of Washington state) as much as the athlete who earns a return trip to Kona after years away from the sport (Marco of Moscow / Patty of Georgia) or the AG Champions I have worked closely with who sit at the top of the podium at an international IM.

Accomplishing or reaching goals and dreams requires patience and hard work. For most of us, to reach a late season peak, a goal or a dream, there has to be some willingness "to be less than" for a significant portion of your training; the spring, the winter (fill in the blank). That means racing with less than _bulletproof_ fitness somewhere along the line. I like to set up an Annual Training Plan (ATP) so that there are early season events, challenge workouts, camps, over distance stuff, etc. Then, my crew's most demanding training begins 9-12 weeks before the gunfight at the Okay Corral. It's requires a deep belief in your plan to wait for your most challenging training.

If an athlete wants to hit an early season IM with laser focus and a specific goal (say IM New Zealand or IM Brazil to secure a Kona slot) then there is an understanding that the mid season break has to be deep if they expect to perform well in late season. Peaking twice is difficult. There is a reason the same characters do well in Hawaii each October.

Another observation about early season ==> I work with some of my strongest athletes at Ralph's HIM (or a similar race). That's a tough course and some guys and gals we race against use that as a high priority race. If my guys have business to attend to in Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov we may use it as a race through or tough training day. No matter how committed we are to _race through_ it can still play on the mind to perform in a way that is less than best, especially at a race as deep in talent as Ralph's. It is a very strong AG field for HIM. So, we discuss racing optimally on that day with what we bring that day. I want my clients to know how seriously I take their desire to succeed. We don't dwell on it, but I know this can be difficult. Respect!

On a grander scale, growth from one year to the next takes an even greater mix of patience and sustained hard work. There are periods of dedicated recovery, entire blocks of a year or season dedicated to the things that result in _long term_ growth over 'get fit fast' gains that may come with a price to pay. Intensity can raise fitness quickly. However, long term consistent gains require a very solid foundation then we change speeds. I have found that too much intensity often results in quick gains but possible plateau from one year to the next. I think it best to decide what is most important to each of us with an open mind. It's sweet to meet a goal and then schedule some flat-out-fun time. It may be some road races or a marathon. Maybe it's cutting loose and riding with friends sans HR monitor or power meter to close out a year. Maybe it's reading a dozen books before unpacking the bike after your last race; whatever it takes to satisfy the mind. I'll paraphrase a classic comment from Scott Molina: "everybody needs to feel strong at some time". It's one of the very reasons we train!

Over the long haul, the athletes who stay focused and controlled at critical times in their training often have the best chance to reap the rewards of goals and dreams come true. In the last five years, I have coached over 15 athletes to qualifying spots in Kona (including FPRO 2x) and numerous others who came to me already holding a qualification or lottery spot.

That includes five IM age group Championships and an AG podium (3rd) at the World Championships, IM Hawaii. As well, many HIM AG wins, OA HIM wins and numerous HIM AG podiums. I share that with you because it's important for other athletes to know that you can race clean and be very successful. Patience and hard work has it rewards. I am proud to work with each and every one of my clients. Thank you for your continued support and the opportunity to serve you.

coach KP

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