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Conference - Day 2

Posted By: KP
Date: Wednesday, 10 October 2007, at 1:48 a.m.

Topic: Nutrition

Liz Applegate, PhD, FACSM // Director Sports Nutrition, Intercollegiate Athletics / Nutrition Columnist, Runner's World / UC Davis

Some thoughts of interest:

Protein per day for an endurance athlete - 1.5g per kg of LBM (I like a bit more).
When leaning out, you might consider increasing protein to help preserve LBM.
Spread your protein out in each meal and in snacks.

Fat needs -- we should eat monounsaturated and essential fats.
*Fat is necessary for the body to assimilate phytonutrients.

Aim for 20+ servings of CHO per day. Spread it out. Remember, veggies and fruits are CHO.

Pre-race -- fat and protein slow gastric emptying. Peanut butter is a common pre-IM breakfast food.
However, it may still be sitting there 7-10hrs later. Avoid if gastric emptying is important to you.

Sodium loss -- on average, we lose 10 grams over a 5hr period of exercise.

Recovery -- use real whole foods when you can. Dependance on sports products rob you of nutrients and impacts recovery and health.

BF% -- females: low limit is 12-18% depending on age // males: 5% (this seems low to me).


Kris Clark, PhD, RD, FACSM // Asst Professor Nutritional Sciences Penn State, US Olympic Committee, Sports Med Advisory Board

Sports products don’t provide nutrients (recurring theme)

Sugars play a role in declining health. They likely increase calorie intake. In 1965, avg intake was 3100cal. In 2000 it was 3900. However, exercise has stayed roughly the same. CHO intake has increased. Part of the increase is coming from sweetened beverages. The average consumption of sweeteners is 20-32 teaspoons a day. One soft drink = 9-12 teaspoons of sugar. Read labels – 5g of sugar = 1 teaspoon of sugar. Decrease juices, sodas, teas, lemonade // increase plain water.

Glycemic index is the key. Low glycemic foods serve diabetes. High glycemic foods tied to obesity, heart disease and chronic disease. Athletes need to increase CHOs from veggies, fruits and grains. Overeating is a problem; even if it is good food choices.


Bob Murray, PhD, FACSM // Director, Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Losing 2% of your body weight is required to feel thirst. Loss of 1-2% already reduces performance. In IMs, the avg loss in athletes is 3.5%. Dehydration decreases blood flow to the legs.

Sodium – in an IM it is possible to lose 16g of sodium. That is more than 33% of all stores in the body. I take 1000mg an hour, minimum. You may need less. I suggest 600mg/hr as a low limit.

Postural Hypotension – sudden dizziness when we stop running occurs because our legs are acting as a second heart or pump. When we stoprunning there is pooling of blood in the extremities. That is why so many athlete collapse at the finish line of an IM.

Cramps -- #1 cause is overuse and fatigue. #2 is loss of electrolytes.

Hyponatremia : hypertonic fluid (sweat) replaced with hypotonic fluid. Symptoms are headache, buzzing, decrease mental function. Conclusion: match H20 loss and salt intake.


Scott Powers, PhD, FACSM // UAA Endowed Professor and Distinguished Professor of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology, University of Florida

Anti-oxidants – they work as a team as they are not all equal. Examples are E, C, Carotenoids, Flavanoids, zinc, Mn, selenium, Iron, Cysteine. Rece3nt evidence points to most free radicals being formed in mitochondria.

Exercise and free radical production – old muscles make more than young muscles // altitude above 5000’ increase radical production // heated muscles produce more.

Free radicals cause muscles to fatigue. Science is looking for ways to combat this.
Powers believes that N-Acetyl-Cysteine will delay fatigue and increase performance.

Bottom line – Powers does not think supplementation is necessary IF you are eating optimally (nutrients). Not many people do.

coach KP

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