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Xtri.com thoughts from Coach KP

Posted By: KP
Date: Friday, 19 October 2007, at 8:26 p.m.

I wrote some new thoughts for Xtri that can be seen/read here:


My aim was to share some of the rewards (emotionally and physically), along with possible costs, we may find ourselves living with when we put everything we have into a goal or dream. It's not a message that we shouldn't give it our all; that act in itself is a beautiful thing; but going for peak performance is not risk free. There may be consequences in (1) going beyond what is healthy (2) mistaking 'your all' for something that is actually less and encountering some degree of disappointment in performance. I think it is important to understand the amount of work it takes to reach near physical potential. That is different from reaching potential given your life’s circumstance. Goals should be based in the reality of your life’s circumstance. Doing _the very best you can_ given certain time constraints or responsibilities is as noble a goal as doing the very best your body would allow without limits, but we shouldn’t confuse the two.

I have done the “no liability training”. For perspective, I closed my chiropractic office in 2001, worked part time and trained for years nearly full time (25 to 30hrs/wk, and more at times), traveling and training with a powerful support system, in an attempt to get close to physical potential. I am pleased with my result.

Are there things I might have changed or done differently along the way? That's a very personal question and something each of us might consider on many different levels in our lives. Those that never tried to reach potential in a given area might wonder 'what if' // and those that gave it their all may wonder 'what if I hadn't put so much of myself in that one direction'. That one direction might be a business, a sport or a relationship. What a puzzle! These are the things that make working with others so enjoyable for me and why I find the skill of listening to be one of the keys to success when working with others. Each of us and is an experiment of one.

coach KP

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