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What are you doing out here?

Posted By: KP
Date: Saturday, 20 October 2007, at 7:30 p.m.

I took an ez to steady ride out to Dudley's today. I get way out into east county; to within 10 miles of the bakery and am rolling along pretty good on one of the few flat sections out there. The wind is strong at my back, pushing me at a good clip. As I pedal over the top my right foot flies forward and off the pedal. Spooky. I recovered and went to re-clip into my Look system and the entire pedal is still attached to my shoe. It had come off the crank arm. I pull over and find that the pedal is frozen and stopped rotating on itself, unscrewing the system from the crank. I am laughing, no tools and need an entire pedal (short of a service on the frozen pedal) in the middle of nowhere. No worries, it's a beautiful 80 degrees out. I call my wife and ask her to kindly rescue me by bringing the pedal wrench and a replacement pedal from the garage so that I can finish up the ride and get home on my own steam. She's understanding and jumps right on it as I settle my butt onto a piece of newspaper in the dirt watching red ants (poolside in my head). Long ago I stopped boring Laurie with details of my training. She knows I leave to ride and don't come back for a long time sometimes. So, I need to give her directions to Old Julian Highway and my location.

Just short of an hour later she rolls up along side me and puts down her car window:

KP: :wave
LP: what are you doing out here?! :O
KP: huh? :??
LP: you're in the middle of nowhere :\
KP: I am riding to Dudley's Bakery :spin
LP: I can't find you out here! :oplease
KP: you just did ;)
LP: yeah, but I had no confidence about where I was. The roads are up and down, twisting and turning, there are no shoulders to ride on, no help, no nothing :!(
KP: perfect conditions! :)
LP: what if I had to find you? :?(
KP: that's why I wear this dog tag with three phone numbers on it; so others can find you when they find me. :ok

Driving a car to Dudley's and back is a _haul_. We must look crazy to civilians.
I am fortunate that Laurie's band practice had ended just before I called and that she was willing to roll.

Check your pedals, your cleats, your stems and bolts. Check your fork, tires and aerobars.
Equipment failure is inconvenient for others, but the inconvenience pales when compared to us going down and getting squashed.

Decent ride today.


coach KP

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