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RECOVERY POST IM (or at end of your season)

Posted By: KP
Date: Sunday, 18 November 2007, at 4:42 p.m.

Adequate END OF SEASON // START OF SEASON recovery varies greatly. Most athletes find it difficult to get enough rest post IM or transitioning to a new season because they struggle with the thought of losing fitness.

* Listen to your head and trust your instincts. If you have decreased interest and low motivation, it is significant and should be noted. It may mean you are tired.

When beginning your transition -- for the first ten days or so -- I recommend 15-20 minutes of light activity each day -- walking counts and is recommended. Starting the second week you might add up it to 30 minutes if you want. Aim for a couple of massages over those two weeks. At ALL times keep your heart rate at easy levels for those first two weeks. Keep it under first deepening of breath for the next two to four weeks. That would take you to four to six weeks post IM. This is an important part of your game plan for the next year (season).

*Get lots and lots of sleep over the first two weeks. Examine your quality of sleep as an assessment of recovery progress. Poor sleep quality may indicate fatigue.

I suggest that you write out your thoughts about your final race in as much detail as you can remember. This is valuable information. Also, write out your general thoughts of the year -- what worked, what could have worked a bit better, key areas that you'd like to improve. Pull details out of your head while it is still fresh. Then, take a deep break emotionally from Triathlon for a couple of weeks.

*Remember that your thought patterns may be whacked for the first ten days post IM so be kind to yourself and allow ample time between thoughts, and taking action on important decisions. You will likely feel ups and downs mentally. Very common! Don't overreact in either event.

'Rrecovery' does not always mean zero activity. It means allowing your body to recover. We need adequate recovery to see improvement. Consider that training alone does not make us fit. Absorbing and assimilating training makes us fit.

*If you train and fail to absorb the stimulus, you are not getting more fit, you are just getting tired. We train year round by pushing and then resting. We always rest enough after pushing. The cycle of improvement continues _only_ if we rest enough.

*If we fail in the recovery department you will fail in the 'year round' department and eventually you will experience 'forced rest'


1) low motivation

2) poor sleep quality

3) mood swings (high and low)

4) getting tired instead of getting fit

coach KP

Dr. Kevin Purcell DC
Certified Active Release Technique (ART)
USAT Certified Coach

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