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Mailbag: Goals and Efforts

Posted By: KP
Date: Monday, 19 November 2007, at 6:07 p.m.

From an athlete:

<< I know what pushes the envelope for growth in my business. Is the same time frame realistic for fitness and achievement in IM. >>

Not in my personal experience but your experience may vary. After four years at university and four years profeesional school I opened a chiropractic office. I was seeing a full office of patients a day within six months of opening my office. My patient load increased proportionately to my efforts (hours), my willingness to teach and the care I provided (direct referrals). While my improvement in sport was determined by my efforts, relative to my lofty goals it was a much slower time line in complete pursuit of those goals. Kind of like watching the second hand on a clock compared to watching the hour hand.

There are variables that affect growth in business and sport -- some are the same: mentors, support, willingness to take reasonable risk, attitude, belief in yourself, knowledge and goals // Some are different: intelligence/acumen has a lot to do with business success and may aid in sport as well. Physical talents will aid your business (charm, persuasiveness); but may be even more important to the speed with which we improve relative to other athletes. While some elite athletes are also gifted with intelligence their natural physical genetic makeup may be more demonstrable in sport than in business.

<< I've got some mid to long term goals in IM, but I don't want to just throw them around lightly.
How do I go about forecasting what typical improvement from year to year will be and correlate into goals? >>

There is no typical improvement. Each of us will put a certain effort into improving in sport. Each of us has a body more or less gifted than others. Effort may outweigh genetics until we consider the very elite. I have some physical tools, but my size is not a benefit. My mind and determination are a benefit in sport. I made immediate goals to be reached within a year (improve AG standing) // goals to reach in 3 years (qualify for Kona) and dreams to be reached in 5-8 years (win my AG in an IM). It took me 4 years to qualify and 7 years to win my AG at an international IM; that's after shutting my office and training full time with an hefty support group. Then again, I am not particularly physically gifted. You will often see talented athletes, or those with deep fitness from other sports, winning their age group with 12-18 months. Witness Chris McDonald's rise in IM on Endurance Corner Radio Podcast: http://endurancecorner.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=257926

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