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HR -- Trainer vs. Road

Posted By: Tom B.------WebKitFormBoundarygxRp+gS69JA9L4Jb----
Date: Tuesday, 11 December 2007, at 8:51 p.m.

Hi KP and others,

I've been on the trainer recently doing easy spins. I'm undertrained and just coming back to training after recuperating from a foot injury, and I'm taking it real slow/easy after a year away from structured training. I'm curious about HR:

1. Is it common for the HR on the trainer to be QUITE lower - *given the same PE* - compared to the HR on the road?

For example, I've been warming up at an "easy" PE which translates to 110-115bpm; in August, my easy PE translated to a HR of ~125bpm on the road. Similarly, my "steady" PE on the trainer shows a HR of 125-130bpm; I've self-diagnosed my outdoor bike AeT at 139, putting my steady zone at 134-144.

Anybody have any experience with the HR being 10-15bpm lower, given the same PE, when on the trainer compared to when on the road? Just wondering if this is common, or if I should attribute the large gap to a combination of it being early in the season, me being under-trained, etc.

2. The above question got me thinking -- should we adjust our HR zones and points (easy, steady, AeT) when on the trainer compared to the road? Given what I described in #1, my gut tells me yes, but I want to check with those in-the-know first! :) I know the ideal way to measure this would be with the PowerMeter, but unfortunately I don't have one.

Many thanks,

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