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Humility, Discipline, Patience

Posted By: Tom B.
Date: Saturday, 5 January 2008, at 7:53 p.m.

KP & Others,

After taking 2007 very easy due to a right foot injury (now healthy), I've been back into it in December. Coming into 2008, I decided to "test" myself to see where I was at; not with intensity, but with duration -- trainer bike ride of 60' (had been doing 30' rides), and treadmill run of 30' (only logged an HOUR of running in all of December).

Got through the tests great on each of the days (pleasantly surprised with how I performed), but yesterday waking up the ball of my LEFT foot (not the one that was previously injured) was a bit tender. Not sore, not painful, just a bit tender. OOPS! Iced it multiple times, took anti-inflammatories, stayed off it majorly both yesterday and today. No pain/tenderness whatsoever in it now. PHEW. Will give it another few days just as precaution.

So, what's the lesson? After taking time off (for me, much of 2007; for others who raced in late '07, a few months), we have to be humble, disciplined, and patient about getting our fitness back. I want to be fit again, and I'm gnawing at the bit after finally having my foot healthy! However, I can't be in a rush to get fit. Rather, doing things sensibly (consistency, moderate frequency/duration this time of year, focus on excellent nutrition, recovery, stretching) is what will get me fit.

I won't race until the summer and now is the time to prepare sensibly. By being realistic about where we are, disciplined with what we have to do, and patient about letting fitness and health evolve safely and naturally, we will improve. No need to "prove" to myself I'm fit right now (because I'm not!). Save the performances for the summer when they count.

Just sharing my personal anecdote of the last few days. Hope it is helpful to some.

Train smart and train safe in 2008,

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