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KP training

Posted By: KP
Date: Tuesday, 22 January 2008, at 12:59 p.m.

From the mailbox: << KP, what are you doing swim, bike, run and in the gym these days? >>

I am having fun in the gym. I like that stuff. I would enjoy going to the gym everyday (and did last summer with my daughter home from college) if it was beneficial. Not possible when swimming and biking consistently. As I come back from foot surgery and low back issues my training is geared around finding consistency (swim/bike), staying healthy and having fun in the gym. Most of my focus has been in the pool and at the gym, but bike is catching up. I hadn't weighed myself for quite awhile, but did the other day and was 185lbs. That's a good weight for me, probably 5-6lbs over race weight. The pool is easy on the feet. So I am in there 4-5x/wk for a minimum of 4k. I want that 20k mark for a week! When I do traditional weights my technique is very strict and I only do what does not irritate my lower back (no squats yet). I am increasing bike volume; say 3-4x/wk at 45-75min and a weekend ride of 3-4.5hrs when things go well. Running will be the final piece added back into my week.


Swim - 4350 posted below (1:15)
Bike - easy to steady // stood over three 100m rollers (1:15)
Strength - same routine since last summer for upper body (60min)

2 sets body weight pull-ups (lock 'em out) 10 reps
2 sets preacher curls with curl bar - 10 reps
2 sets single dumbell curls (seated, elbow to knee/across body) 10 reps
2 sets straight bar curls (standing, elbow pinned to waistline) 10 reps
2 sets flat back bench 20 reps
2 sets decline bench - 10 reps
2 sets incline bench - 10 reps
2 sets peck deck fly - 10 reps
2 sets seated row - 10 reps
2 sets flat back overhead dumbells - 10 reps
2 sets tricep extentions - 10 reps

I leave out shoulder specific work when I do a complete swim session the same day.
This is not what I would consider a triathlon specific upper body routine (heavy on arms/chest).
This is the old vanity routine, but fun and limits unwanted low back stress when done correctly.

coach KP

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