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Sunday Ride -- crazy fun day

Posted By: KP
Date: Sunday, 3 February 2008, at 5:24 p.m.

In the slightly altered words of R.E.M. "Its been a tough day. Please don't take a picture. Sh*t so thick you could stir it with a stick."

If you thought we don't get weather in SoCal, you would have been surprised had you ridden shoulder to shoulder with me today. Leaving at about 8:15am this morning it was about 6 degrees C or 43 F. Rain was steady right from the get go. Winds were a consistent 40-55 kph with gusts well over 60kph (25-35mph // gusts over 40mph). My route was up the coast from Torrey Pines state park, through Camp Pendleton and into San Clemente. Never saw another cyclist after Oceanside. I was dressed for the mess and the Marine who checked my ID at the gates into Camp P. commented that it looked like I knew what I was doing; crazy, but prepared. This ride was similar to some Epic Camp rides I have done on the South and North Islands of New Zealand with Golina and a couple we had in Colorado. Giggling at the goofyness at times.

My ride time going up was 2:40. The rain paused (wind did not) just before the turn around point so I didn't waste the window. Flipped a u-turn and headed back while the gettin' was good. I had eaten 1100cal for breakfast and was carrying four 24oz bottles with 2400cal so I was self contained in the fuel department. The rain then kicked back up at the San Onofre power plant near Trestles. The only folks out were a couple surfers heading toward the water. A testament to what the mind will accept if we are having fun. Surfers in SoCal heading into 50 something degree water, 40 something air temps and completely blown out swell. When I was a kid we did that all winter long in Santa Barbara county.

Coming south in Encinitas I was tempted to stop for a quad espresso at the Java Hut but I was so wet and muddy I knew I wouldn't be welcomed. My ride time back was also 2:40. It's been 20 months (May 2006) since I had good cycling fitness. This was my longest ride in 16 months. I picked a good day for a mental boost! Great day.

coach KP

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