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1/2 IM Cali

Posted By: Ed Alyanak
Date: Sunday, 30 March 2008, at 9:03 a.m.


It was fun to see you coming back to the ocean front finishing the race. I decided to do a 1/2 IM again just to see if I still could "go long".


To start I was so focused on the cold water I forgot it was an ocean swim until the salt hit my mouth. I really enjoy swimming and had a good guy to work with all the way for a 28:55. Not bad for doing all my swimming in an 86 degree 25 yard pool for the winter.


Note to self 4 to 5 hours per week on a trainer is not enough! Wow, that was the hardest bike I have ever done. 2:38 high and 270avg Watts. I didn't use those watts well and was over geared. I think the mental aspect of being alone in the hardest section coupled with the rolling windy hills and doing indoor training KILLED ME! I felt fine on the flats and even the longer climbs it was the rollers+wind that got to me.


Cement. I thought mile 1 would be 8:30 but it was 6:59 and the slowest mile I ran. My legs took almost 4 miles to feel ok and never felt good. I tried hard to run under 1:30 but just didn't have the last few seconds per mile I needed. Seeing you gave me a lift. I couldn't run at all not long ago, so I know your mental pain and I gave it all I had to the line after that. 1:30:31.

Overall yes I can still do the longer stuff but man, my bike fitness needs some work. I got back to Dayton Sunday morning, 35 degrees and rain :)


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