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Anzo Loop -- 115 miles, 10k, 7:05

Posted By: KP
Date: Saturday, 19 April 2008, at 8:48 p.m.

I did the Anzo Borrego Loop+ today. It was a bit longer than some recent trips as I left from my driveway, giving me five extra miles or 115 total.
I was riding solo the entire way. Lots of time to think. Pretty tough elements out there so I am real pleased with the data.

Our weather changed significantly over the last 24hrs. Friday was hot and still -- no wind. We had a marine layer come in last night (fog) that went about 10 miles inland. Reviewing weather reports before I left there was a lot of variability over the course of the ride. It was mid 50s at my house when I left, high 40s in the mountains that I was going to ride over (twice) with some patches of rain. On the other side of the mountains (in the desert) reports were calling for 80s. But what really caught my eye were bold red letters predicting heavy wind advisories with gusts 35-50mph in both the mountains and desert.

As I prepared to start the ride there wasn't any breeze in my driveway, but I knew that was going to change by about 11:00am. I left at 9:00am, carried plenty of gear and expected strong winds as I climbed toward Dudley's Bakery. They came but it was blowing off the ocean so things seemed quiet on the way up. I got to Dudley's in 2:20 and made a quick stop for plain water, turned left and rolled north toward Palomar. The tailwind was now a cross wind. Before Mt. Palomar I took the right fork at Lake Hensaw and went out 79 toward Borrego. Again the winds were at my back and I was moving well.

About 30 minutes later I turned right on S2 toward Ranchita and began climbing up to the Sunshine Summit enjoying a cross/tailwind. As I summited and descended to the desert floor I was really moving out. Good power and a tailwind had me traveling at about 30-40mph down and over rollers for the next 10 miles out to the 78 intersection.

I was at 3:45 ride time when I made the right onto 78 and got blasted head on with gail force winds coming down the mountains in front of me. I pulled over because the vista was so stunning. Looking back over my shoulder was white sand and desert desolation. Look ahead into the wind was a three mile two lane road that goes right into the green hills that went up another 9 miles to Julian at about 4500 feet. It is an amazing meeting place of desert, then oaks and pines, and then rolling farm land before Sorrento Valley, La Jolla and the ocean.

Spectacular riding. I took two pictures with my phone. I have never used my phone for pics and have no idea how to get them out of there. That done I set out into the wind. It took me 24min to go three miles to Banner Store at the foot of Banner Grade. It was at that time that I understood that I was going to have this headwind _all_the_way_home_. I got to the store in 4:09, where i took in 600cal and lots of water. I sat for about 10min on a bench talking to two gals and their dad. They were all drinking Tecate beer. It looked damn good. Better than my liquid chocolate! The picnic ended and I set out up Banner Grade and the 9 miles to Julian. From there it was down to Dudley's, down to Ramona and on to my house. Ride time was 7:05 with decent power. Had to hum the theme from Rocky a couple times as I was getting a bit uncomfortable. Overall, good ride. Power at steady efforts is up about 17% since January. I got in a balanced 25hrs last week and will get in about the same this week. Rollin' ... rollin' ... rollin'

coach KP

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