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Pics of Cycling San Diego // Sea Level to Julian

Posted By: KP
Date: Wednesday, 30 April 2008, at 3:38 p.m.

To paraphrase MVH, do what you love to do and do it well. Do it again and again and again. Last Saturday San Diego continued to bust out it's rainbow colors. We enjoyed powder blue skies, dark blue ocean and green hills. It was in the 80s at the beaches and 90s to 100 degrees inland. I am bracing for the gawdawful May-June gloom we get around here, but for now it is exceptionally nice.

I love riding in the heat and Saturday's session was full of fun. "Session" is a more accurate description for some of the rides I have been getting in this spring than "workouts". You wouldn't call a great day surfing or skiing a "workout". They are epic sessions. Saturday was a great session on the bike. I rode from Lake Mir Mar up to Ramona, up to Dudley's Bakery and then on up to Julian before heading back home. As the pictures I took along the way show, the terrain is up and down on a regular basis; but it is over a series of ranges or large rollers that are 30-40min climbs and elevation gain that is over 4500 feet but cummulative gain (both ways) is closer to 7500. I took a number of photos looking back at where I came from rather than forward as I have done before.

After leaving the lake area I rode up over the first ridge. After each ridge is a valley and each valley has a little town and farms.
The first town is Ramona. It's at about 1500 feet and is a small cowboy town that looks like something out of the 1960s.
It has a main street, a feed store, small movie theater, a beauty shop with white rockers outside, blue skies and flags flying.

As you move out the other side of town it is immediately farm land, the terrain starts rolling upward and the roads
are windy two lanes jobbers. Above is the first ranch I came to; the Lazy Shadow Ranch.

Riding is specific to Ironman. Lots of terrain change and elements to deal with (wind, heat or cold, bumpy roads).

This farm house added it's own water pond and has a pump to keep it moving (no bugs)

As you ride toward Dudley's you see these steep hills shooting off Old Julian Highway. It's a driveway.
This one had a For Sale sihn on the street. Over the top is a nice palce that is on the market.
Occassionally I pick and choose a driveway for some extra action.

This pic is looking back down Old Julian Highway. Around the corner and down to the left would be Ramona.
Over the ridge in the distance is Del Mar, Solana Breach, Encinitas and the Pacific Ocean..

Old Julian Highway and 78 separate as you leave Ramona. Here is where they rejoin. That spot is about 5 miles
from Dudley's Bakery and about 2hrs into the ride. Just over the hill and down on 78 is an enormous egg ranch.
Gordo and I probably keep them in business.

This wooden wall map is at Don's Market in Santa Ysabel (pop 400) and sits next door to Dudley's. My ride started waaaay west off the map in the lower left hand corner. You can see the number "67". That would be where Ramona joins 78 going east 75min into the ride. You can follow 78 on the map and see the little house. That is Don't Market (location of the wall map). Then, going north on 79 you can see when it approaches Lake Hensaw. By veering left onto 76 you are heading toward Mt Palomar. See the white dome up and to the left? That is Palomar Observatory. Right next to Lake Henshaw is S7. That is the famous East Grade climb up Palomar. 76 takes you to the more popular South Grade climb on the other side. Both meet at over 5000 feet below the onservatory. If you don't turn left on 76 you stay on 79 and are now riding my favorite Anzo Borrego Loop. 79 to S2 and S2 over to 78 at the scissors crossing. Then up Banner garde and to Julian via the back door. On this ride I did neither of those. Instead I stayed on 78 rode up to Julian via the front door. This is all slow going due to climbing, strong winds and the elements.

As I left the Dudley's I headed toward Julian on 79/78. it is a seven mile climb that stairsteps.
This pic looks back down on the Bakery in that small green oasis. Lots of motorcycles today.
I only saw one other cyclist all day

Julian is a small town. So is their school system!

Rollin' rollin' rollin' ... nothing crazy steep, just lots of it.

Julian is an 1800s mining town. It is a designated historical landmark.

The reason I enjoy riding up here is the same reason so many bikers choose to make the trip.

I was the only doode wearing spandex in town and when I walked into a couple of the local establishments I felt like it.
In fairness, the guys on Harley Davidsons never give me a bad time. I also I happened to be wearing a black do-rag with
"Harley Davidson Motorcycles" written across the forehead and flames flying on the sides. Check out the names
of the stores ==> Wandering Sage, Cowgirl Cafe, Candy Basket and Pistols and Petticoats!

The Julian Hotel is over 100 years old. They say any thoughts you have about the 20th Century will leave you when
you walk into the lobby of this grand hotel. The Queen has the distinction of being the oldest continuously
operating hotel in Southern California.

Lots of rides back there!

coach KP

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