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Posted By: KP
Date: Thursday, 22 May 2008, at 7:30 a.m.

Below are some edited thoughts that I sent to a group of clients and select friends. Given that internet threads are sometimes detailed attempts to communicate sight unseen, I thought it might interest some of you.


I fly out from my seminar on Friday night and return home Saturday night. I have had the privileged opportunity to work closely with chiropractor, orginator and master of Active Release Technique (ART), Dr. Mike Leahy (Colorado Springs & Champion Health), as well as other early pioneers Joe Pelino (Buffalo) and Steve Black (Boulder), among others.

When we get a chance to work shoulder to shoulder with a master (in any field important to us) it is of great value. The seminar is in Italy and while we have been quite busy in the classroom I have been able to get in a couple rides (some rain, some sun) in the Tuscan countryside. I look forward to sharing details and perhaps a couple photos.

Interesting notes on communicating:

I don't speak Italian. However I get loads of information from eyes, hands, tones, inflections, smiles/frowns, head nods etc. I can tell when I have made someone happy or when I leaned my bike against the wrong building! The words are not always clear -- so communication is not always perfect.

For those of us who communicate via e-mail, it is important that we be extra vigilant in our efforts to share ideas, theories, feelings, concerns, pleasures, humor and frustrations. E-mail is an acquired skill. Why? Because while the words are crystal clear, we are absent the hands, the smiles, head nods, the tone or inflections that make communication for me in Italy possible at all.

One arena has fewer words // one arena fewer clues. In my communications experience with patients, clients, friends and loved ones, I have found that it is best not to ascribe or assume meaning. If I have questions, I try to ask for clarification. Much can be lost if we are not careful to consider the possibilities. The language barrier I have faced this week in Italy reminds me of these facts. High marks to my clients where english is a second language. Aussie, Kiwi, UK, the deep south and Brooklyn NY accents don't count :-)

Looking forward to being home and back to my normal routine.

coach KP

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