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Lake Stevie Wonder -- Race Reportage

Posted By: anu
Date: Monday, 7 July 2008, at 4:47 p.m.

If I could sum up my last two months of training with one phrase it would be ADD, attitude-deficiency-disorder. I signed up on Saturday for Sunday's Lake Stevens 70.3 race, looking very fashionable in some 1960's shorts and the bed-head's typical hairdo, unkempt would be the word that comes to mind (yes, Chuckie V, I am still going to beat you at scrabble, I know "unkempt","unruly" and "understood" all too well). My two goals for race day were to (a) see what I could do and whether my fitness was just the shits thanks to afore-mentioned ADD and (b) have a blast! I have no intention of doing for several years what brings me no joy (its both good and bad what I see within myself and others when faced with challenges, mine is apparently to excel at something that is near impossible in my backyard).

I had a blast on the swim, trying to keep in mind a dave scott video i had prodigiously viewed for last-minute-training tips and felt like a cracked noodle (I dont feel that I swim quite "straight" in the open water.. ) and lake stevens is just a happy little lake. The six buoys went away faster than I could say anything at all..... I wasnt swimming that fast, I just felt happy to be swimming's all........ The transition was awesome and sub-10 :) ALMOST THERE!! The bike ride was also awesome with some climbs. My bike needs a good wash and some lube but what a great day to be out there..... partly overcast, surrounded by green, emerald foliage. My favouritest color in the world. One of my favourite pro athletes, whose updates and work-ethic are so inspiring as is her attitude (linsey corbin) was also racing and IM-Frankfurt was just wrapping up when we started probably.. and so, I had no dearth of motivation or attitude starting something I was unprepared for.. story of my life!!

Onto the run, counting miles is way easier than countin kilometers -- you have to look at your watch a lot less and it went by too fast... all 13 miles. The crowds were awesome! My new friends have the code name "iron pirates" and while I will never be an m-dot junkie, I just thought this was the most hilarious race Ive ever been at because I was working on my facial-expressions rather than my turnover on the run....... pirates look good, right :) I think Ive found me a new logo to wear on my race-wear (yes, I finally bought proper, decent, tear-less, bike clothes and I will also procure a new saddle this week after I hit the 10K km mark..........took way too long to get there).

I am amazed by the athletes we have in this sport. Specially the ones that make it look so great -- H.Biscay, probably the funniest, funnest athlete Ive ever met, C.Wellington for clocking 4:42 min kms on sunday on the first part of the run (and being so apathetic to "world records".. the "world championships" or even Ironman China for that matter had no Chinese women from China.. what does that say of our "world" really? :)) and some of my best friends (now), all in the 30+ age group and just ripping up the bike course as if it was their sunday ride.... I have a lot to learn from these goddesses of attitude.

Im so psyched to bring home the next 7 weeks of fun, friendships, persistance and sunshine. Its not like I am the only one struggling with how to fit in the word "Excellent" into my vocabulary instead of being a press-puppy in the generation of "first"s. It may all just work out :) Why not start with that assumption?!

Thanks for reading!! :)

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