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Space Bunnies

Posted By: anew why-do-ya-not-then
Date: Friday, 18 July 2008, at 2:41 p.m.

I live with two awesome people that cannot hear very well, unfortunately. I suppose they are awesome because they often cannot hear the mental garbage that I used to distributing freely, coming from India and all.. we've been the dumping ground for all sorts of waste, for ages.. however, the lotus does somehow manage to grow, swamp or no swamp. So, Im pretending to be a lotus for today.

I often find meaning in the greatest works of art, animated movies. I would say Shrek and Finding Nemo are perhaps the best of the best, every made. Ive been wondering how or "what" or "When" I will stop thinking about things and just train or just be or just work. But, this is not such a curse, this introspection stuff.. its the essence of evolution I guess..

While introspecting, the best thing to do is to get the workout done early in the morning so that if one does end up in a knitting with cats situation, when words and thoughts cloak us to the point of letting 2pm arrive, unannounced, instead of biking 3 hours at 110 cadence, at least we have answered the call of the "done that" dudes who maximize action and minimize talk and thought. So, this being done, I once again set off on this quest to find answers in the latest and greatest book Ive acquired which touches upon a lot of things, mostly dimensionality. Geometry never looked better because this book says taht what seems impossible in one dimension, when cast in another dimension seems possible.. and that only one's attitude towards a situation matters and is the ultimate manifestation of faith in some purpose, known or unknown.

I love groups to work out with and people to have for friends, they do add a lot to my life.. but, essentially, I suppose 98% of a working person's workouts or action time is alone-time. Not making the 6pm group ride does not mean you dont have to ride at all etc. etc. In all that solitude, sometimes unwelcome and lonely, at other times my only resort, Ive had the time to think through a few things.. I think that my generation at least, lacks the grand challenge. Everything is set out, food, education, basics.. so, there is no appreciation for the simple tenets of action, responsibility and self-preservation. Consumerism rocks every corner it can :) The greatest training tool Ive ever found was people that also loved going that extra mile.. no HR monitor, books on triathlon or common-sense on what one can handle has helped in this department.

A great musician might say that it takes years to master their art.. similarly no balanced individual (that I know of, at least.. but then Im from a small speck in the universe) can actually master anything. I dont mean that in a derogatory way.. Im almost sad saying that because if it were not for my anger with sport being only for spectators then I wouldnt bother with it because its a headache trying to master a new tool, when one is only good at certain things.. How many fabulous athletes (except Eric Heiden and JZ maybe :)) have turned around and mastered brain surgery anyway? Not a vast majority I would presume.. so, I dont pretend to transform into a fabulous triathlete tomorrow.. so, it does make me sad that I have to resort to this notion of "balance", much as I loathe it.. Im still too young to care about norms.

So, being one-dimensional is really my deal but, Im not able to get into that state at this time in my life.. so, there is a big sigh going out to the universe at large. The sun did play with my brain last weekend and there are ways to avoid mind-traps that might lead one to mediocrity, however.. The first way would be IMHO to not look for certificates from others on how one should lead their lives. Everyone's challenges are unique and everyone has their share of adversity to overcome. Wealth and relationships don't substitute for contentment, which is very different from reasonable expectation. The second way is to always believe that no matter what you choose, its your choice and yours alone. Whether there couldve been better ways to do something or alternatives is part of the story, which can only be discovered by first picking something. Fence-sitting doesnt get you anywhere.. how many times have you heard "Im 45 minutes from the last pro athlete but I dont have enough money for a cervelo and I dont want sport to dominate my life.." then why mention the 45 minutes? :) Is it so bad to care?? Why not just say that the start and finish lines are the same for everyone.. that some people will go to the ends of the earth to fulfil a goal is really only a differentiator.. in what one is willing to do

So, with this two-pronged wisdom scale, I woke up today to get my swim done.. knowing fully well that delving into the dimensionality of diabolic thoughts on how to make the best of my years was going to consume the rest of my day, I went swimming with my roommate.. and promptly ended up on a ramble about running the montreal marathon in 2006. I was following someone who looked like the easter bunny (pursuing my happyness, or something) and the bunny had the number 3:20 on its back. The bunny was also talking a lot and that really annoyed me because I was not in a very pleasant mood. So, I was in a competition with this bunny for the first 8kms and getting more and more displeased. Soon, I had to let it go and was soon passed by another bunny with the number 3:25 on its back. I was in runner-hell because I was thinking "man, Im getting passed by people that can don 15 kgs of costume and still out run me".. when I crossed the line the 4:20 bunny crossed too and someone told me that they were "pace bunnies"........ sure enough, something got lost in the air-waves and my roommate thought I had said "space bunnies" and wondered all morning as to why I would be running after them in a marathon in montreal.

I suppose that as long as I watch Wall-E tonight and project my thoughts onto the realm of possibility, the 2-hour run will get done today, as will the sustenance of optimism (preaching this to an Indian is akin to preaching to the choir.. there is no choice but to be optimistic the way I see it).

I wouldnt give up trying to scale new heights for all the dollars in the world! You know what they say, shoot for the sky and you may get to the tree top... I love tree tops :)

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