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moderate long ride with 30min TT imbedded

Posted By: KP
Date: Saturday, 30 August 2008, at 7:48 p.m.

I have not been training much for the last three weeks as family issues and work had my focus elsewhere. Today was my first longer ride since August 10th. I felt a little rusty as I got started. About 30min into the ride I thought it might be fun to do a 30min TT to cross reference my recent view of FTP. Now I remember why I haven't done one of these tests in so long. They hurt!

I think doing several honest long rides close together (like I did last month) at near IM effort can give an experienced athlete as much or more information about themselves relative to IM than a 30min TT. However, the test is a good proxy for finding FTP and is very solid training stimulus. I made sure to get a deep warm up by riding 90min up to Camp Pendleton at NP 180w, inserting several intervals at 200-220w and a couple harder bits. The TT started at the onramp to Highway 5 next to the base. I rode the shoulder of the freeway to Las Pulgas, exited there and proceeded up the Harrier landing and into the state park. I gave an all out effort (10 out of 10). Early HRs were 160, building to 165, to 170 and up to 175. Testing closely matched the numbers gleened from last month. The return ride was pretty steady at about 185w. Total ride time near 4hrs.

Interestingly, I felt my limiter today was the delivery of oxygen rather than failure in the legs. In the past it has been the opposite. This was not all that surprising to me given my competitive inactivity over the last couple years and infrequent use of harder efforts due to injury concerns. After being off the roads for three weeks and eating socially with my family before my two daughters headed off to university last weekend I was carrying some water weight prior to the ride (over two Ben Franklins). Dropped 11 pounds over the course of the ride. That, after taking in over 100 ozs of fluids.

coach KP

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