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IMAZ training question

Posted By: KP
Date: Tuesday, 30 September 2008, at 9:24 a.m.

From my mail ==>

<< Am training for IMAZ (Nov.) and have been training fairly consistent @ 16-18 hrs per week. This last week I stretched it a bit at 24 hrs with the bulk (17.5hrs) coming across the last 3 days (fri/sat/sun) in the form of BDT. Question is, in terms of letting the training "sink in". Is it best to do this based on feel (i.e. once I start to feel fresh I would resume normal training) vs a defined number of days off for each heavy day of training (i.e. 3 hard training days take xx days off before resuming normal routine) or a combination of both. Any direction/advice you could provide would be appreciated. I don't really feel that bad/tired although I do feel a bit of muscle soreness, I don't want to jeopardize future training by making a foolish mistake after having such a good training week. >>

It is a combination of planned time to assimilate the training coupled with recovery signals from your body. Have a plan and then remain fluid.

You have developed a strong base with consistent training over time. That is the foundation that will serve you well as you recover from a period of overload. You donít detail intensity used during the overload period (particularly the three days) so Iíll assume the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is relative to the specific long days and volume/duration of Fri, Sat, Sun.

As you decide how best to assimilate the training stimulus I would use these guidelines:

1) plan to take 1-2 days off and 3-4 days easy //even if you feel ready to rock // you have a good thing going and youíll want to respect and protect your current fitness and health.

2) lose all DOMS before you do prolonged steady efforts on the bike or run

3) as long as you are mentally motivated, your life outside sport (family & work) allows you to rest well over the initial 72-96hrs post big week and physical markers are normal, you should be ready to resume normal training by Thursday. If you get out there Thursday and cannot produce power with normal or near normal markers, back off until you can.

coach KP

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