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Six-Pack Syndrome

Posted By: anu
Date: Wednesday, 10 December 2008, at 12:17 a.m.

I was thinking about a good theme for the new year. A six-pack seemed like that theme.. the kind you get to carry around and never consume, that is.

I was educating my roommates on what an "Ironman" was.. One of them is a climber, like the dudes in "Into thin air".......... a real climber. I think Im secretly hoping that this roommate climbs the Everest, someday!

Well... past the daily conundrum of what to do, what not to do, what to stress, what not to stress, strength workouts, long-swims, long bike-rides, no bike-rides etc., I think the bigger question is in the "why?"...

Why spend hours and hours at a difficult sport, with no translation into "easy money" or "money for nothing" ????

I've been reading Viktor Frankl all summer..... "existentialism" and all that....... logotherapy and its application to me and you.. Everyone borrows from this scheme of things. Its time to acknowledge the real contributors!

Im back in my mecca (NZ) and slowly getting the hang of things. Its 3 months later than last season but, oh well, s#$%t happens, they say. I have a lot of good news from last season and that is really all that I choose to remember, in terms of posterity. There is a loop which I run in the trails out here that has seen a consistent drop in times. Sometime at the peak of last season, I took off nearly 35 minutes on that loop, from the first time that I had run it, less than 24 months prior, for the first time. I consider this loop to be my barometer or benchmark for the start of the season. It measures two things, mind and body. I have a condition that I have to run this loop the second I land. Getting here takes almost 35 hours of travel time and 16-18 hours of flying time. The soul is mostly either caged from a bad season-ender or raring to go from a great holiday or the anticipation of a new year.. either which way, if I can run this loop the upon landing, the mind is still fine and the body will catch up. I believe in this metric.

I was running this loop last Sunday, having moved out of a place where the roommate thought that “Hindu” was a language, threw a temper tantrum because of an open microwave door and performed idol-worship of a balding New Yorker who called himself a God man of sorts. See, there was another roommate was North Indian (who was NOT into idol-worship) and the presence of two trees in the back and front yards and this good looking other roommate made me think that the house was perfect for running around said trees to latest Bollywood tracks. Such reveries made me miss the memo that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is! So, with a shocking argument (good Indian women never argue) with the first (non-Indian) roommate, I decided to call it quits with the house, the awesome Indian roommate, the psycho who was into incense-sniffing Hindi-uisms and such and ended up being a waif (again) and moving in with two very good looking pseudo-parents.

Back to the run, I was very impressed to be at the half-way point of that run before 8am and decided that it was time to practise my singing of Fergie’s tracks… Indian Idol is catching up on prime time and I can hear my calling already. I wrote my other awesome pal who is brown and has the biggest heart in California about how tasty is spelled t-a-s-t-e-y. Fergie sure can sing but, she still cannot beat me at scrabble. As I was practising with a severe Oxygen deficit (as I was still running at this point) the sheep looked even more stunned than usual but did not run away… a rampant mountain biker looked at me as if Id lost it but, it was just me, him, his bike and the wind.. clearly there were no other witnesses so, it didn’t bother me one bit. Great dreams require great dedication and I was dedicated to finishing the whole “Fergilicious” track singing practise, also before 8am.

Once I was done with practise, I still had an hours worth of running left… so the mind started its wandering again. I started to think fondly of all these awesome women in sport that are also moms – Bree Wee, Lisbeth-chocolate-eater-Ken-yen, Brooke Davison, awesome local chick who holds the record for the longest back-against-wall-squat time in the gym and my current adopted mom Lidia-mountain-goat-Escrig. Last year, when I had less of a personality than this year, life had been about training and jobs. Somewhere in the last 5 months, Ive changed my mind to think that the process has got to be a bit more comfortable.. just so that I stay in the game. Im lucky that most people I know still think Im OK… I just have to work on that for myself and tell myself that I am OK once in a while. I cannot imagine how these ladies get through their training and racing and being awesome moms. In general, people who have a ear to lend and don’t charge you for it, impress me immensely J I have now found a self-appointed pseudo-mom who will hopefully taste some really bad cooking in time to come and teach me a thing or two about getting it all done. My pseudo-mom was Personality of the Year, last year! I think Ill take that over all else, any day of the week. The other awesome people I get to hang out with this year include crazy-triathlete-turned-rugby-player-in-pink-speedos-steve, ultra-chick Jenny and Genghis Khan. Im about to float a proposal to them that we be the Famous Five who set the benchmark for the fat (moi), the furious (old G and steve are quite the cyclists) and the fabulous (Lidia and Jen).

Ill keep you posted on our adventures.

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