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(a)Live from Nelson

Posted By: Anu Vaidyanathan
Date: Thursday, 8 January 2009, at 8:41 p.m.

Guys, just got off the bike after three days and 430+ks of riding.. Highlights were such:

Monday + Tuesday = 6 hours of training a piece + moving houses

Wednesday --> Start at 9:30am, Northwest Wind (in my face @ 30kph proceeding to some gusty blows per roommates research) from Christchurch to Hanmer springs 32degrees C, 30% humidity

Thursday --> Start @ 5:50am, cross "the great divide" via Lewis Pass (ol' Lewis is a tough ol' bugger) down to the flat @ springs junction, flat riding into Murchison (a scratch-ass town with nothing in between and a beautiful river + kayaks) 34deg C and wind still swirling.. not so noticable in the climb.. no idea on the flat, 21% humidity, last 85Ks in 3:20, nice ride

Friday --> Start at 6:30am, climb the hope saddle.. no point in losing hope atop hope! climb the spooner saddle.. but with less luck..

Lots of riding time + some epiphanies:

.a. Lori Bowden is the REAL slim shady.

.b. I cannot believe people PAY to do this sort of riding.. the roads were misery the last 30ks.. I mean, all you need is a walkman, $200 TOTAL if you fly back to town and some friends to call in case you are road-kill.

.c. There was NO stopping the first two days except once each day as there were no towns (specially day 2) so, 'twas me, my tiny TYR pack and my iPod.

.d. There was a LOT of stopping on day 3.. anything to not plant my rear on the saddle.. apparently there is something called chamois cream or vaseline? Why didnt someone TELL ME :)

.e. Im ready for Ultraman Canada! I think I will lose a piece of my soul though as the last 34ks yesterday and the whole day today really tested me..

Not sure which way the road will go now!

More details soon @ Xtri!

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