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Palm Springs Century

Posted By: KP
Date: Sunday, 15 February 2009, at 11:43 a.m.

We had a great ride experience over at the Tour de Palm Springs yesterday. The weather cooperated and the sun came out. The contrast between palm tress sharp mountain tops dusted with snow was spectacular. We rolled out on highway 111 a few minutes past 7:00am and toward the 'wind farms'. The fact that we were riding into a wind farm will give you an idea of the headwinds we faced for a couple hours. The first 40 miles are climbing. Then you lose most of that altitude gain by the 52 mile mark. The second half of the ride is mostly flat or false flat.

At mile 48 I had a NAS-T speed wobble going 43mph that seemed to last forever. I wrestled to get control of the bike and eventually left the road at about 20mph into dirt/sand and then went into a burm of lose dirt and rocks at about 10mph. It was my scariest experience on the bike because it seemed to last so long. I've broken many bones in crashes but I always went down fast. This one was a lot more sensory in nature. No injury other than some bleeding on my right Oomph arm warmer and wearing some dirt. Four miles later was the half way point and I gave my bike am exam. The headset seemed fine but the rear wheel bearings are very worn and the wheel needs some serious work. Overall a great experience -- Julie, Tati and I got in some serious work.

My ride time was 5:15 over 100 miles. I was solo for the last 25 miles after what was a wrong turn near Eisenhower and a housing development at mile 75. My TSS was 337 and there is _no way_ I could have run well off the bike after that effort. I think my smart IM watts are currently around NP of 205. Today NP was 217. It's important to remember that an IM athlete riding even 10w too hard is likely to have some serious issues on the run.

My data from the ride is below. The last 25 miles included three brief stops to do a couple ART passes on a cramping right vastus lateralis and ITB.
I lost some food and water when I went down and should have replaced more of it.

Entire ride: 5:15 // 100 miles // NP 217 // AP 201 // VI 1.07

1st half: 2:44 // NP 228 // AP 212 // VI 1.07
2nd half: 2:30 // NP 204 // AP 190 // VI 1.07

Many thanks to Julie and Tati for joining me on the ride. That is a long drive out there. Props to you both for getting more work out of me than I would have been able to do on my own. Heeps of praise to both gals for out working me with higher TSS scores and faster times. I didn't give an inch. That coming in the muddle of balanced training and right after PR open half marathon times. It won't be long before your competition goes directly to your name on race start lists if they don't already.

coach KP

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