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Posted By: tati
Date: Friday, 24 April 2009, at 10:47 a.m.

mostly cuz i'm going insane just sitting, i thought i'd entertain with my psychobabble on a little knee "injury" that's been sidelining me the last couple of days.
it seems that before every key race some setback has to happen to add a little fuel to my fire and have me raging on race day. that's the half-full view of the situtation.
it's weird but everytime i get sick or have some sort of lingering pain, in the back of my mind i know i have to rest and that taking the initial 2-3 days, heck even 1 wk, off or significantly reduced load is the best and smartest route. however, the greediness of getting in that extra session stemming from the thought that my competition is out there healthy, strong, and sweating it up on the trail, road, or pool leads me to dig a hole by stubbornly continuing to "train through it".
looking back, had I done absolutely nothing on my legs monday through yesterday and just gotten 2-3 intense ART sessions, i would probably be gearing up to ride long again w/ KP and julie sunday.
instead, i'm sitting on my butt after 8 days of pushing through. not until yesterday's miserably painful 2.5hr ride when i could only limp the remainder of the afternoon, did i realize that i must take the time off and let it heal now before i ruin my season.
moral of the story- rest on the first sign because inevitably it will lead to more forced rest

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