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Double Trouble

Posted By: Anu Vaidyanathan
Date: Monday, 31 August 2009, at 8:41 a.m.

I made the dumb mistake of signing up for Ironman Canada, just three weeks after Ultraman Canada. Some combination of people telling me I may not finish the Ultraman and wanting to have a positive experience in my favourite country in the world, made me do this. Anyway, I knew I was in trouble on the run when I couldnt complete my long runs after the Ultraman. I just couldnt get myself to run for 2.5 hours so, I reasoned with my coach and she assigned 1:15 as the longest run but on descending splits on a treddie.. the trend went for the bike and swim as well.

I had a lot of friends and officials for friends on the race course from my time at Ultraman. There was really no reason to not start the race and after my last DNF Ive had a demon on my back about a completion. I didnt let that demon surface at Ultraman, past the worst possible crew one could ask for.. one of these ladies had severe PMS and started a screaming match about my stubbornnes at mile 40. I mean, really? Couldnt it wait?

Back to IMC, lake Okanagan and lake Taupo are sisters.. this one is a bigger burper and kept chatting the whole time.. I did nto get distracted as I was counting the buoys and just having a blast........ Okanagan's sister Skaha is also a big-personality and was totally awesome....... these two ROCK.

Onto the bike, I had a nutrition plan, which was to eat as much as I could hold down because in China I had not eaten at all and paid for it. Here, I went through the first 90ks in 3:20 and thought I could get in by 6:45.. the last two hours my stomach started to revolt at the thought of another clif bar so, I mustve gotten distracted and stopped eating.. I was really depressed in T2 but saw my friend Mori, whose son is my muse...... so, my spirits picked up and I suited up and got to the run.

Onto the run, the only thing I could keep down was coke. I ran the first 10k in just an hour and few seconds and thought that if I just shuffled, I shold finish in 5 hours even if I died because that was my split from Ultraman. Somehow my ankles had other plans and stopped working........ The run was painfully slow (not at physically painful as ultrman, just psychologically painful to watch really unfit people pass me). It was a lesson in not giving up because lets admit it, I had no broken bones and I was not racing with a concussion, like in China.

I have always wondered why people WALK on an Ironman. I further think that the cut-off time should be based on age-groups and until 40-45 shouldnt be more than 14 hours. I met some amazing people at closing time though. I have new respect for them in more ways than one. There was a 64 year old, rueing the fact that his slowest marathon had been 5:30 but that his lesson today was how fast he could walk the marathon. I took a tip and walked 18 miles. I barfed a couple of times but not as badly as China..... I really need to dial down the nutrition.......... Im wasting my time otherwise.

It was fun to finish and be announced as the girl who raced in her pyjamas. Steve King is a legend!! I am totally racing this every year....... if it was good enough for the real slim shady (lori), its good enough for me.

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