Welcome to my website. I have a passion for health and fitness. Sport is an avenue through which we can learn more about ourselves. It is an extension of how we approach other important aspects of life. This self awareness supports our movement toward personal excellence across all fields. There are three key areas upon which an athlete ought to focus.


Decide what truly matters to you and then find the courage to commit to it. 


Once you commit, there will be setbacks; roadblocks will present themselves. They take many forms and are not always predictable. These situations should not result in a loss of focus. Each set back is an opportunity to abandon your plan. We see athletes jumping from protocol to protocol, doing whatever the latest 'winner' is doing. When the athletes I advise experience adversity, I encourage progress by staying the course. Lift your focus to new levels. Believe, and don't let anything creep into your mind that will sway you from that belief in yourself and the plan.


Establish a routine and be disciplined enough to stick to it. It is essential that you be honest with yourself about past performance and training; concentrating on what needs to happen to improve to the next level. Remove distractions and noise. Stay in the moment. 

It is important for an athlete to consider relative performance in addition to specific time goals. When evaluating long course performance; were you able to complete your race plan? Did you properly _identify and execute_ efforts and fueling strategies over the swim, bike and early portions of the run? The answer ‘yes’ means an athlete is in positioned for a Ironman marathon split near personal potential.

Athletes completely prepared, are relaxed about outcome. They are fit and focused on personal performance defined over months and years. They structure preparation in a way that makes Ironman as routine as it can be – emotionally and physically. My clients often learn the most about themselves when they are under stress (real or imagined). Moving toward the swim start of an Ironman can be stressful. Never assume your competition has superior ability to prepare or execute a race plan.

Commitment | Belief | Consistency

Dr. Kevin Purcell, D.C. works with highly motivated, long course athletes; from elite to those new to endurance sport. In the last five years, Coach KP has guided over 15 athletes to qualification in Kona (including FPRO 2x). That includes five IM age group Championships and an AG podium (3rd) at the World Championships, IM Hawaii. As well, many HIM AG wins, OA HIM wins and numerous HIM AG podiums. As an athlete, KP has qualified for Kona seven times and was the 2006 AG Champion at IM Brazil (50-54).